Eyes Facts and Care Tips for Kids

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Did you know that your childhood is a bit different from previous generations? Now that we’re in the 21st century, we’re in what many people believe is the Digital Age. If you’ve spent days indoors watching YouTube on your iPad or playing Minecraft on a computer, you’ll probably see why they think so! After all, your parents and grandparents didn’t have these gadgets around when they were kids.

However, looking at screens for longer than you should can sometimes affect your eyes. This is happening to many kids in East Asia, where 80-90% of school leavers are affected with myopia, or near-sightedness. This condition can make far-away objects, like street signs or the board in your classroom, look blurry.

If left unmanaged, myopia can get worse over time. But don’t worry! There are ways to make sure your eyes stay healthy so you can keep having fun and exploring the world. Let’s take a closer look at some eye facts and eye care tips below.

Eyes Facts and Care Tips for Kids

Eye facts you should know

You blink over 20,000 times a day!

If you’ve ever tried holding your eyes open, you’ll know that your eyelids close eventually, no matter what you do. That’s your body signaling that it needs to keep your eyes moist and wash away any bacteria, and it does this about 20 times a minute to help keep your eyes clean!

Your eyes see everything upside down and backward!

We see when light reflects from objects and enters into our eyes through the cornea (which acts like a window at the front of the eye). However, the cornea is curved, so it actually bends the entering light, creating an upside-down image! So why do we see upright? Because our eyes’ retina transforms this light into signals! This allows our brains to understand these images properly.

Your pupils change size whenever the light changes!

Your eyes don’t just let any light inside. The amount of light entering is controlled by the pupil, which is why they can grow or shrink in appearance. You can test this out yourself! Go into a dark room and look into the mirror. You’ll see your pupils far larger than usual, trying to capture as much light as possible.

How can you care for your eyes?

Get regular eye check-ups!

It can be hard to tell whether your eyes are acting funny or you’re simply going through the process of growing up. That is why regular eye check-ups with a professional are important to find out any problem in advance. It helps if your parents can book an eye test online and schedule an appointment with a doctor nearby. They can go with you to see the doctor and get their eyes checked, too. That way, you won’t feel so nervous.

Wear your eyeglasses!

Don’t worry if your doctor finds your eyes are overworking themselves. In that case, they may prescribe glasses to help reduce strain and keep them strong. That’s why it’s important to use your spectacles regularly, even at school. You might look a little different from your peers, but that’s totally okay! Choose a design that speaks out to you while having your parents make sure the frames fit comfortably. With a uniquely-colored and designed pair, you can even end up with the coolest look at school!

Accessorize with sunglasses!

Do the same when choosing sunglasses, choosing among a wide range of choices online, from frames of your favorite colors to accessories like straps. While the sun may be cool to look at, the ultraviolet radiation can cause sunburns and skin damage, as well as eye damage if you’re not careful. That’s because your eyes permit 70% more UV rays to enter compared to an adult’s.

Practice eye care habits

But that’s not all! These measures, while necessary, do not substitute healthy eye care habits. To keep your eyes healthy, you should wash your hands regularly and take breaks from looking at screens. Playing outside in good light is awesome for your eyes, too!

By doing these simple things, you’ll keep your eyes in tip-top shape and see the world with clear and healthy eyes. For more fun facts on the human body, check out our other posts here on Kidz Feed!


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