How Big was a Saber Tooth Tiger – Saber Tooth Tiger Size

Whenever we read or hear about an extinct or prehistoric species, the first thing we do is imagine it in our mind. We try to create a picture in our mind about the animal but it is only possible if we have correct information about its size, weight, shape, and any other physical description. Sabertooth tigers have fascinated many of us and with the movies like Ice Age and 10,000 B.C., we got a clear picture of what it would have been looked like. However, these movies do not give a clear picture of the Saber Tooth Tiger Size. The exact information about How Big was a Saber Tooth Tiger can be determined from its fossils and the skeleton that has been made from its fossils. We have gathered complete information about the size of sabertooth tigers and compared them with modern cats so that you can have a clear idea about their size.

How Big was a Saber Tooth Tiger

  • When we ask how big is something we are asking about three main features which are height, length, and weight. These three physical features help us in estimating the exact size of something and also help in comparison with other things.
  • So to ascertain how big was a saber tooth tiger, we need to know the height, length, and weight that has been estimated by studying its fossils.
  • S.fatalis is the species of smilodon which is commonly referred to as the saber tooth tiger. Its length was about ‬2‭.2 ‬meters and its shoulder height was 1.1 ‬meters and weighed about‭ 250‭ ‬kg on average.
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Saber Tooth Tiger Size

  • Since there were three species of saber tooth tiger and they had different sizes so we have listed them below:
Specie Weight Height Length
S. gracilis 55 to 100 kg (120 to 220 Pounds)  Unknown  Unknown
S. fatalis 160 to 280 kg (350 to 620 pounds) 100 cm (39 inches)  175 cm (68.9 in)
S. populator 220 to 400 kg (490 to 880 pounds) 120 cm (47 inches)  Unknown

S. gracilis

  • It was the smallest species of saber tooth tiger.
  • It was about the size of the modern-day jaguar.

S. fatalis

  • It was bigger than S. gracilis but smaller than S. populator.
  • It was about the size of the modern-day lions but it was more muscular and had more weight.

S. populator

  • It was the largest species of saber tooth tiger.
  • It was more robust than the other two species.
  • It had a long and narrow skull when compared to the other two species.
  • Its forelimbs were a bit longer than its hind limbs.
  • Its footprint was bigger than the Bengal tigers of today.

Smilodon species size comparison

Saber Tooth Tiger Tail Size

  • The saber-tooth tiger had a very small tail as compared to the modern cats. it was about 35 cm long (13.9 inches).

How Do We Know the Saber Tooth Tiger Size

  • Paleontologists have studied the fossil bones and teeth to ascertain:
    • the height, weight, and length of saber tooth tiger.
    • placement and strength of its muscles, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and ligaments.
    • the skin and hair are rarely found in the fossils so very little is known about it.
    • The weight is very hard to ascertain as the fossils do not provide any information about the body fat.

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Saber Tooth Tiger Size Comparison

saber tooth tiger size comparison

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