How To Guide Kids Towards A Career In Engineering

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If there’s one profession that has always been among the most popular ones, it’s without denying engineering. That’s because engineers are not only capable of making great things but are also well-paid.

That’s precisely why so many young people decide to choose this profession as their career path. But in order to become a good one, you need to be able to tackle complicated problems, have admirable problem-solving skills, etc.

If you notice that your child is potentially interested in it, but you would like to further encourage him or her to take even more interest in it, then maybe these tips below might be useful to you. So let’s check them out!

A Career In Engineering

Dive Deeper Into This Topic

Although your kid may seem interested in it, the question is, are you one hundred percent sure that he/she knows what engineering is? If the answer is no, then you should take some time to further dive into it.

Bear in mind that this term encompasses different skills and career paths. If you would like to make things engaging, yet pretty simple, then you should give these interesting methods a try:

  • Tell them that an engineer is a person who builds, designs, and/or maintains engines, machines, structures, and at times, the environment. Everything that surrounds us is made with their help.
  • Talk about the things that you and your kiddo use on a daily basis that were developed with the assistance of these professionals.

Opt For Prep Tests

This section is dedicated to parents who have older kids who will soon go to university. If your child is one of them, yet you noticed that he/she is interested in engineering and would potentially study it, then maybe it would be a good idea to suggest opting for practice tests.

Why is this such a good idea? Namely, preparing for tests, especially if you realize that your kiddo has some knowledge gaps when it comes to engineering (or any other field for that matter) can be of huge help if you want to pinpoint them, and simultaneously, work on lowering test-related stress. These sorts of exams will most definitely build your child’s stamina and will make him or her a lot more confident.

Show Them Some Great Examples

Just like in every other profession, there are a lot of people who have accomplished so many things and most certainly deserve to be mentioned. It would be advisable to discuss them with your kid because by doing so, your kiddo is going to be even more stimulated to pick this career path.

So what are your options as far as this is concerned? We would like to mention that there are a plethora of books (intended for youngsters) that talk about various smart people from this field any other engaging things that are related to this profession and below we’ll mention some:

  1. The Girl Who Could Fix Anything: Beatrice Shilling, World War II Engineer (by Mara Rockliff)
  2. What’s My Superpower: Discover Your Unique Strengths (by Delanda Coleman)
  3. If I Built A Car: (by Chris Van Dusen)
  4. Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life: Hollywood Legend And Brilliant Inventor (by Laurie Wallmark)

Engineering Camp Is A Sensational Idea!

Now, we know that some parents might find this suggestion to be rather awkward, but it’s actually a great idea because it is an excellent way to introduce this profession to your kiddo through different activities that incorporate both Science and Math.

After all, there’s nothing wrong in doing something that’s not only fun but beneficial too, right? Not to mention the fact that while your child is at the camp, you’ll have all the time in the world to do all the things you love and enjoy.

We talked to some parents who have taken their kids to these camps, and they told us that a vast majority of them are properly equipped and are packed with numerous engineering-related activities from which children can learn a lot!

And There Are Videos As Well!

Previously, we mentioned some amazing books that your kiddo can read to get themselves more familiar with this topic, however, we are aware of the fact that not every child loves to read books.

If that’s the case with yours, then engineering videos are the next best thing. If you ask us, these are the best ones:

  • Crash Course Kids
  • Science and Engineering Education Compilation for Kids – Planets, Airplanes, and More
  • Maddie’s Do You Know
  • Ada Twist, Scientist

Kids Towards A Career In Engineering

Engineering can be very dynamic and interesting, which is one of the reasons why so many children easily become interested in it. If you would further pique their interest, then these tips above will help you accomplish that.


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