Miami Tribe Facts for Kids

Miami Tribe is a Native American nation that speaks one of the Algonquian languages. They were also known as the Great Lakes tribes and were settled in the territory that is now Indiana, southwest Michigan and western Ohio.

Here we have gathered the complete Miami Tribe Facts for Kids to let you and your kids learn all about the Miami Tribe. We have tried to answer all the frequently asked questions about the Miami Tribe. You will learn about the name Miami, where they lived, their food, tools, language, homes, customs, clothes, lifestyle, artifacts, and their population. If you still think that there is some information missing in this article, you can get in touch with us and we will help you in getting that information about the Miami Tribe.

Miami Tribe Facts for Kids

The Name Miami

  • The name Miami originated from the word “Myaamia”.
  • Myaamia is a word of the Native American language “Miami-Illinois”.
  • Myaamia means “allies”.

Miami Tribe Facts for Kids

2. Where did the Miami Tribe live?

  • The Miami Tribe lived in Indiana, South of Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio when the Europeans began to colonize North America.
  • In the year 1700 A.D. the Miami Tribe moved into the Valley of Maumee.
  • In the 19th century, the United States government enforced its policy of Indian removal. The Native Americans were forced to leave their ancestral homelands. The Miami Tribe migrated to Oklahoma during the Indian Removals.
  • Now you can find the Miami Tribe communities in both Indiana and Oklahoma.

3. What kind of food did the Miami tribe eat?

  • The Miami Tribe people were farmers. They grew food crops which included beans, corn, and squash.
  • The Miami Tribesmen were expert hunters and they mostly hunted wild buffaloes. They used fire to drive the buffalo towards the hunters.
  • Using the food crop and hunted animals, the Miami Tribe used to cook cornbread, soup, and stews to eat.

4. What kind of tools did the Miami Indians use?

  • The Miami Indians used bows and arrows, spears, buffalo hides, and tomahawks for hunting and fighting. The buffalo hide was used as a shield against the enemy arrows during a fight.

5. Miami Tribe Artifacts

  • Weapons and Tools
    The Miami used the following weapons for fighting and hunting:
    1. Bow and arrows
    2. Tomahawks
    3. Spears
    4. Shields
  • The shields were made of buffalo hides.
  • The spear sharp ends and arrowheads were made of stones.
  • The tribe chief usually has the most decorated artifact.
  • The most common form of decoration was beadwork and embroidery
  • The Miami people made canoes from dug-out trees to travel in the rivers.
  • They also had dolls made of corn husks.
Miami Tribe Artifacts
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6. What is the language of the Miami Tribe?

  • The Miami Tribe spoke Native American Algonquian language called Miami-Illinois. It was also spoken by other Indian tribes that lived in Missouri, Illinois, western Ohio, and Indiana. The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is now working with the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, to revive the Miami-Illinois which has been forgotten over time.
  • Now the Miami Tribe is not fluent in this language. The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma is now working with the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, to revive the Miami-Illinois which has been forgotten over time.
  • Miami-Illinois is a difficult language with a musical tone.
  • The word “aya” (pronounced ah-yah) means “hello” in the Miami-Illinois.
  • The word “niihka” (pronounced nee-ka) means “friend” in the Miami-Illinois.

7. What did the Miami tribe live in?

  • The Miami tribe lived in oval-shaped houses. The walls of these houses were made from woven reeds.
  • The Miami tribe lived in small villages.
  • Every Miami tribe village also had one house made of wood. It was called a council house which was used for community gatherings.

8. Miami Tribe Customs

  • Religious Beliefs

    The Miami people’s religion is based on spirits called “Manitous”. They tried to get power from these spirits by giving them respect and sacrifices. Once the person gets connected with the spirit, the spirit will become his guardian and grant him supernatural powers. Miami religion centered around Individual and group attempts to gain power from spirits

  • Religious Practitioners

    The religious leaders were called Shamans and they were considered to be guarded by manitous. It was also believed that the Shamans had the power to heal and kill a person.

  • Ceremonies

    The most prominent ceremony of the Miami tribe was the Calumet Dance. It was performed to please the spirits (Manitous) to get power usually before a fight or war. The calumet is a pipe which is made from stone and wood. It is decorated with feathers and paint.

9. Miami Tribe Clothes

  • Miami tribe loved tattoos. The men tattooed themselves from head to toe while women only tattooed their arms, face, and chest.
  • They used paint for decorating their clothes and shoes.
  • They also used painted porcupine quills for cloth decoration. Porcupine is a mammal with a coat of sharp spines.

Miami Tribe Facts for Kids

10. Miami Tribe Lifestyle

  • The Miami tribe loved to dance with music and songs for both entertainment and spiritual reasons.

11. Miami Tribe Traditions

  • The Miami tribe used to hunt and farm before the European settlement.
  • They cultivated crops such as
    • maize
    • beans
    • melons
    • tobacco.
  • Along with growing crops they also gathered fruits and nuts from the prairies and forests.
  • They were also expert hunters. They mostly hunt deer and bison
  • As a tradition, the Miami hunter would go hunting buffalo for five weeks after crops plantation in June.
  • In winter the tribe would go for a deer hunt.

12. Miami Tribe Population

  • In the 17 century, the estimated population of the Miami Tribe was about 5000 people.
  • In 1890 due to the American colonization of Illinois, the population decreased to less than 100 people.
  • The current population of the Miami Tribe is 7500 people. About 5000 people live in Oklahoma and about 2500 people in Indiana.

13. Miami Tribe Transportation

  • When traveling on land the Miami Tribe mainly used to travel on foot and used dogs as pack animals. The dogs were used to carry backpacks and pull wooden sleds called Tavious. Horses were used later on after they were introduced by the Europeans in North America.
  • When traveling on water, the Miami Tribe used dugout canoes from the large tree trunks. These canoes were made from butternut trees.

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