Tips for Students Struggling to Find Inspiration for Essay Writing

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We’ve all been there. You have tons of homework, long assignments, and no time to finish it all before the deadline. The worst part is that you still don’t know where to start. These essays seem so long, so challenging, so unapproachable. You simply have no inspiration to start the work. It is a common issue with college papers. However, one way or another, you must do the writing. So, let’s research all the ways you can make this process easier. Here are useful tips for students struggling to find inspiration for essay writing.

Carefully Read Instruction

First things first, you should gain a clear understanding of what you need to do. The obvious step is to start with the paper instructions. Read the guidelines. Pay attention to all the requirements, such as length, theme, formatting, sources, etc. Highlight all the essentials so you don’t forget. In case you have any issues or questions, be sure to contact your instructors.

This step is fundamental in gaining inspiration. It ensures you have no doubts in your mind about what your work should look like. You understand what goals to set to achieve a perfect essay.

Students Struggling

Brainstorm the Topic

Next, move on to the theme and topic of your writing. Some teachers allow their students to choose both. Others provide you with clear topics or frameworks for your paper. Either way, you better spend a decent amount of time pondering about why you should write about the chosen topic, what it means, what values it brings to the table, etc.

Explore all about the given topic. Try different approaches. Document all the ideas that come to mind. See where you may have gaps in knowledge and fix those. Allow your thoughts to flow freely. Don’t try to be precise or set limits on your brainstorming. You can always edit later. Now, it is the time to put all your thoughts or concerns about the topic on paper. Inspiration is often born during the creative process, not before it.

Once you have a good bunch of ideas written down, start working on them. Group some of them together. Add more information behind other thoughts. Cross out those that don’t fit the common vision. Observe where your mind is going with the topic and follow it. Think about what relevant knowledge you may already have to bring more value and a personal touch to the essay.

Research Extensively

As you have formed a general vision of your paper, start narrowing down your circle. It’s time to move to research. It can be as fun or daunting as you allow it to be, so you better choose the former. You get to explore the topic following the paths of those before you. Look for facts, data, valuable opinions, and conflicting viewpoints. Read books, articles, scholarly papers, news, or other reliable and relevant materials on the matter. Go to writepaperforme if you need more help with the task.

Set a limit on the amount of sources you can read in several hours. Don’t jump over your head. Better leave plenty of time to complete your research without rushing. After all, pressure and stress are the antidotes to inspiration and creativity. However, be organized and focused during this stage. You want to gather information only from credible sources. You should also have a system to catalog all your discoveries to use them quickly once you start writing.

Discuss Ideas with Peers or Mentors

Nothing keeps your blood going like a lively, maybe even heated, discussion. So consider collaborating with your friends and peers. Discuss the essay topic with a group and look for opinions, feedback, critiques, etc. You can even form teachers or those adults you see as mentors. They may suggest a direction or point of view you haven’t considered yet.

The highlights of this conversation may become the main arguments in your future work. It is a fun, easy, and insightful way to gain new perspectives and find inspiration. In fact, whatever you do in life, from seeking startup tips for students to choosing a career, ask more experienced people to help you.

Create a Mind Map

To hit the nail on the head, create a mind map with all your ideas, arguments, insights, and strategies. Organize them in a visually appealing and comprehensive way so you can easily see all your main points and directions. Put the topic of your essay in the center of the map and branch out all related ideas. Such representation will help you see the relevant connections and guide you during the structuring point. All in all, it’s just an easy way to start your essay without feeling overwhelmed or lost from the beginning.

Take Breaks

Finally, don’t forget to take plenty of breaks and rest during your work. Essay writing is a highly demanding and creative work. You can’t pull through it and write for hours without breaks. It takes good planning and knowing when to stop. Once you feel like you are stuck, get distracted too often, or just feel exhausted, don’t hesitate to take a break. Step away from your screen or paper and do something else, something fun, for several minutes. Return and see how much better your work goes now as you gave your mind a break.


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