Stone Age Tools And Weapons Information

When learning about stone age, the most important topic to learn is about the stone age tools and weapons. Kids might wonder what tools and weapons the stone age people used in their daily life. We have gathered complete list of Stone Age Tools And Weapons and have provided brief information about each of them. You are going to to learn the names of Stone Age Tools And Weapons, their purpose, what they were made from and how they were made. You are also going to learn Stone Age Tools And Weapons that were used in the early, middle and news stone age periods.

Stone Age Tools And Weapons Information

1. What Tools Did Stone Age People Use

Different tools were used in the Stone Age. These tools were simple but made lives easy. These tools advanced with the passage of time.

Tools Used In Stone Age – Name Of The Tools

Given below covers most of the tools that were used in the Stone Age:

  • Sharpened sticks
  • Hammer stones
  • Choppers
  • Cleavers
  • Spears 
  • Nets 
  • Scrapers rounded, and pointed
  • Harpoons
  • Hand Axes
  • Animals skin
  • Bows and arrows
  • Shaft straighteners
  • Arrow shaft smoothers
  • Spear straightener

Stone Age Tools And Weapons Information

2. Information About Old Stone Age Tools – Tools And Implements Of Old Stone Age


  • Hammerstone is one of the simplest and ancient tool of the Stone Age. 
  • It is a hard stone used for many purposes like striking animal bones, crushing and hitting other stones.
  • Hammerstone is usually a hard stone which doesn’t break easily. These were made of sandstone, quartzite, or limestone.
  • It is also regarded as universal tool throughout the world including Asia, Europe, Africa.
  • It was used for making fractures, and breaking other stones which were converted into other stones with sharp edges. These sharp stones are then used as tools for other purposes.
  • The flakes gotten from the broken stones can be used as hand axes, scrappers, cleavers etc.

Hammerstone - Stone age tools

Sharpened Sticks

  • Sharpened sticks are considered as one the very ancient tool used.
  • The sticks were used almost in every part of the world.
  • Sharpened sticks were made of different types of wood.
  • These sticks were used by the people to defend themselves from the wild animals.
  • These were used for hunting purposes as well.

Sharpened Sticks - stone age tools


  • Harpoon is a large spear-like tool used to kill large animals especially aquatic animals like whales, tuna, and swordfish.
  • It is evident from the remains in Congo that harpoons were in use 90,000 years ago.
  • Harpoon is still used in today’s world with harpoon-guns for killing big whales.
  • Later on ropes would be attached to the harpoons so that the hunted animals can be brought.

Harpoons - stone age tools


  • spears - stone age weaponsSpear is in use by human since 400,000 years ago.
  • It has a long shaft generally made of wood, and the head is pointed, sharpened, and generally made of some durable material like steel, iron, etc.
  • The shaft end is either hardened with fire or it is made of a more durable material like iron, steel or bronze.
  • The spear was used as a weapon both for hunting and war purposes.
  • The spear-head shape is usually triangular, and leaf.
  • Spear is used both by riders and by bare-foot men.
  • Opponent is hit by the spear by throwing it or hitting the opponent directly.


  • Net was used for catching different animals and fish.
  • As it doesn’t require any fights with the animals, the nets were used more often.
  • Net is made of ropes or threads having small spaces between the rope/threads. Different ropes or tree branches were combined in a pattern that allows passage of water and air across the net.
  • So when it is thrown in the water or on some animal, the floating fish or other animals are caught in the net.
  • Once animals or fish come into the net then then by closing the net they will not be able to get out of the net and so the animals and fish are caught in the net.
  • Gaps between the ropes or tree branches vary depending upon the size and type of animal that will be caught in the net.
  • The branches or ropes are selected according to the requirements e.g a wolf will need stronger branches than a rabbit but a rabbit will need a net that have small distances between the ropes and vice versa.
net stone age
Image source:

Bows And Arrows

  • Bows and arrow were used as weapons for both hunting and war purposes.
  • Bows and arrows were in use more than 61,000 years ago.
  • The bow is made of wood or other elastic material. It has a string which is held in tension. Bow is used to throw the arrow on the target.
  • Arrow is a made from wood or other material with a pointed head. The head can be made from other durable material as well. The arrow has a feathered back end.
  • Different arrow ends were used for different purposes like flat end, pointed end, or some explosive material could be attached with the arrow end.
  • The arrow is pulled by the string attached to the bow, and then the target is aimed.
  • The arrow is then thrown on the target. Due to its pointed end it goes straight toward the target and hit it.

bows and arrows - stone age weapons


  • Cleaver is a tool that is similar to hand axes.
  • They are made of stone with large U or oblong shape.
  • Cleaver were used from 1 million years ago.
  • In ancient times, cleaver was made of stone or bone.
  • Cleaver is like a large knife that was used for crushing the food, meat and soft bones.
  • It’s heavier weight causes the crushing and cutting more easy.
  • They were used for butchering purposes, breaking bones, and digging up the soil.

Cleaver - stone age tools


  • Chopper is a Sharpe-edged stone.
  • Chopper is made by hitting a stone with a hammer stone, and hence producing flakes from the stone. The flakes having sharp end are then used as chopper.
  • The chopper could be held in palm easily.
  • Choppers were used to cut meat, bones, skin and fur of the hunted animals. It was also used to cut plants and roots of the plants.
  • This tool was used by early humans in Africa for extracting meat and breaking bones of the hunted animals.

chopper - stone age tools


  • Axe is a tool used for hunting, cutting, planting, and protection purposes.
  • It was used for cutting plants, and branches of trees as well.
  • It can be used easily by holding in hand and use the sharp edge for hunting, cutting and digging. It is easier to use because it can be controlled in an easy
  • Axe was a tool used for hunting purposes as well due to its sharpness and strength, and easier use it was for attacking animals as well.

axe - stone age tools

3. Stone Age Tools And Their Uses – Tools Used In Stone Age And Their Uses

Given below are the tools and their usage in the Stone Age:

Tools Uses
Harpoons Harpoons were used for hunting purposes. Big aquatic animals like whales were killed using harpoons. A rope can be attached with the harpoon so that fish can be brought when a fish is hit
Hammer stone Hammer stone was used for making flakes and hand axes by hitting other stones
Spears Spears was used for hunting, and attacking animals or enemies. It was used in combats to attack the opponents. For an attacking animal, spear was used for defense as well.
Net Net was used as a tool for catching animals, and then hunt them. A net can be used in many ways. It can used both in water and land as well. Fish and other land animals were caught using net
Bows and arrows Bow and arrows were used to hunting purposes. Arrows were thrown on the target using bow. Certain small animals were also hunted using bow and arrows. Those animals couldn’t be hunted easily using other tools like spears, axes.
Cleaver It was used for many purposes like digging up the soil, cutting the animals’ meat and skin from the bones
Axe An axe could be used for many purposes. It was used for the cutting branches and roots of the trees. It was also used for defense purposes against the wild animals that attacked upon the people.

4. Types Of Stone Age Tools

Stone Age tools can be divided into various categories on the basis of the time in which they were used or the tools can be divided on the material from which the tools were made of. Here we’ll do the categorization on the basis of the time period they were used in.

The Stone Age is composed of the following stages.

a. The Paleolithic Or The Old Stone Age Tool

Paleolithic period covered maximum technological tools of the human history. This is the longest Stone Age period. It started from 2.5 million ago and ended 9600 BCE. In the end of the Paleolithic era, traces of certain arts like personal caves, paintings, and ornaments can be found.

The Oldowan

Oldowan is the earliest of the Stone Age industries. The Oldowan industry contain very basic and simple choppers and flakes. The Oldowan series of tools belong to an era of 2.5 million years ago.

The Acheulean

Acheulean series of tools come after Oldowan industry. They are 1.7 million years old. The Acheulean industry contained more complex and more symmetric shapes. These tools were harder to break and had more sharp edges which did the job conveniently.

b. The Mesolithic Or The Middle Stone Age

The Mesolithic period started at the end of the ice age i.e 9600 BCE and the Mesolithic period ended at the start of the agriculture. As the agriculture started at different times at different regions of the world therefore exact date of the end of the Mesolithic age can’t be specified. Agriculture first started in Southeast Europe about 7000 BCE so after 7000 BCE, end of the Mesolithic period begins. Some new tools along with the Paleolithic tools were used in the Mesolithic tools. The new tools used in the Mesolithic period contained the following tools:

Tranchet Adze

It was a carpentry tool used for making certain objects like boats, fishing platforms, and houses. It is made when a crosswise flake is re-sharpened using teeth. This belong to an era of 8000 years old.


A variety of scrapers like end scrapers, side scrapers, and combined scrapers were used in the Mesolithic era. These scrapers turned raw hides into tents, clothing, and other utilities. The scrapers varied in size and weight. These were delicate as to be held in fingers for small and delicate work or they were large and heavy to be used for big and rough works.

Multipurpose Flake Tools

In the Mesolithic age, people used tools that were used for multipurpose. For example a flake could be a tool whose one side can be used as a knife, the other side could be used as hammerstone, and the third side could be used as scrapper.

Mesolithic Blades

These tools are made very fine. They were made by striking flat, straight, and parallel-sides flakes from stones.


Microliths were used to make arrow heads, spears, and other weapons and tools. They may be fixed to bone or wood for holding purposes.


Burins are tools of Mesolithic age made of flint flakes or blades. They have sharp edges removed from stone. They were used to score bones and antlers to create thin pieces like needles and fish points.

Backed Knives

They were used for cutting purposes. They are basically a double sided sharp blades like sword made of stone or bone. The people would break one side of the blade so that one side would get flattened. Then this flat side would be used for holding and using the blade as knife.

c. The Neolithic Or The New Stone Age

The Neolithic age is also known as the new Stone Age i.e the end of the Stone Age. This period started about 10,000 years ago when farming started in the world and ended about 3000 years ago when the copper age started.

People started getting knowledge of agriculture and domestic animals like sheep, meat, pigs, and goats for food, and clothing.

To do farming and protect themselves from the wolves and other attacking wild animals, people needed tools that can be used for both farming and protection purposes. Some of the tools and weapons are given as under:

Leaf Shaped Flint

They were used as arrows and knives. They were made up of flint stone.

Blades And Diggers

They were used for getting animals’ meat and skin. They were also used in farming for digging the soil. To dig and cut easily, they needed to be very sharp.


Axe is an important tool and weapon in the Neolithic era as it can be used planting, cutting branches of the trees, and also used as tool against the attacking animals. The edges are sharpened using another rough surface.

Hammers And Chisels

Hammers were made by rounding a rock and drilling a hole through it. While attaching a sharp stone to a stick makes a chisel. Hammers and Chisels were used together in woodworking.


An adze is a flat blade attached to a handle like axe. Adze is used in woodworking. It chops a piece of wood when adze hit a wood. A larger adze is used for digging soil and cutting roots of trees.

Arrows And Spearheads

More sophisticated and fine arrows and spearheads were made in Neolithic age. The heads of arrow and spearheads were tied to the shaft so that they don’t slip from the shaft.

Flint Arrowhead

Arrowheads were made of flint which was less fragile and sharper as compared to wood and bones. But sharper and tapered made the arrowheads more fragile.

5. Stone Age Hunting Tools

Sharpened Sticks

In Stone Age, people used sharpened sticks for hunting and protection purposes. This is a very basic tool for hunting and protection. They were used to hunt certain animals like wolves, foxes, bears, deer, hyena and much more.


Spear is an advanced form of sharpened stick. The stick chose is long and strong with pointed end. Some metal or other material might be used at the pointed end for Sharpe and pointed end. Big wild animals could be hunted and killed using spears. They were used in combats and wars as well.

Bow And Arrows

Bow is used to throw arrows on the target. As the arrow is pointed and sharp so when it hit the target i.e animal, it goes into the body of the target and hence impairing and damaging the target. Bows and arrows were very useful for hunting purposes. Small and running animals like squirrels could also be hunted using bow and arrows.


Harpoon is a tool used in Stone Age for hunting purposes. It is similar to a spear but it is more lengthy that a spear. This was used for hunting big aquatic animals like whale. Rope can also be attached to the harpoon so that the hunted animal can be dragged back.


Net was used as tool for hunting purposes. Fish and other animals were hunted using net by spreading the net for them and then wait for the animals to come into the net and then close the net and kill the animal using other tools.


Axe was used for both hunting and farming purposes. It was sharper and harder to break. That’s why axe was preferred over many other tools. It can be held from one end that is round and pointed while the other side is sharper and flat used for hitting.

6. Stone Age Farming Tools

In ancient times certain grains and cereals like wheat, and barley were grown. The people used grinding stones to make flour used for making bread. Certain tools were used for farming. The tools were very basic in the start but advanced with the passage of time.


Cleaver was also used in farming for digging the soil for placing seeds/plants.


In farming adze is used to remove roots and other wood from the soil to make it appropriate for farming.


Blades were used in settled life to cut fruits and vegetables. Blades helped in agriculture by getting seeds from the fruits and vegetables and planting the seeds in the soil.


Axe was also used in agriculture purposes for cutting roots and branches of trees and getting the required wood and seeds for farming purposes.

7. Early Stone Age Tools – Stone Tools Of Paleolithic Age – Old Stone Age Tools – Tools Used In Old Stone Age

The early or Old Stone Age tools are the tools that were used in the beginning time of the Stone Age. The Old Stone Age is also known as Paleolithic period. Below are some the tools that were used in the Paleolithic period.

  • Sharpened sticks
  • Acheulean Hand axe
  • Net
  • Hammerstone
  • Cleavers
  • Choppers

stone age tools

8. Middle Stone Age Tools Weapons – Stone Tools Used In Mesolithic Age

Middle Stone Age tools are the tools that comes in the Mesolithic age. This stage comes after Paleolithic stage and before Neolithic stage. The Mesolithic period started at the end of the ice age i.e 9600 BCE and the Mesolithic period ended at the start of the agriculture. Given below are the tools that were used in the Mesolithic period:

  • Tranchet adze
  • Scrapers
  • Multipurpose flake tools
  • Mesolithic Blades
  • Microliths
  • Burins
  • Backed knives

9. New Stone Age Tools

New Stone Age was the final stage of the Stone Age. It is also known as the Neolithic stage.

  • Leaf shaped flint
  • Blades and diggers
  • Axes
  • Hammers and Chisels
  • Adzes
  • Arrows and spearheads
  • Flint Arrowhead

10. Stone Age Stone Tools

At the beginning of human life, people used very basic tools made of basic materials for doing their works. They used stuff like stones, bones, and wood to make the tools and used them for performing their works. Here we’ll discuss the tools that were made of stone and used in the Stone Age.

  • Hammerstones
  • Cleavers
  • Scrappers
  • Hand axe
  • Burins
  • Backed knives
  • Microlithic blades
  • Flint arrowhead
  • Multipurpose flakes

11. How Did They Make Tools In The Stone Age – How Were Stone Age Tools Made

Tools are made to assist human in doing their jobs. Different tools were made in different time periods of Stone Age. Stone Age is considered as a very ancient human stage. The tools used in the Stone Age were very simple. They did very basic jobs like cutting, grinding, crushing, catching, hitting etc. Given below are some tools and need of the tools that became reason of their making:


Cleavers were made of very basic materials like stone or bone. Cleaver was made as a result of the flakes when a stone a sit by another stone or hammerstone.


Hammerstone can be any stone that don’t break easily. It was made from sandstone, quartzite, or limestone.

Sharpened Sticks

Sharpened sticks were made by taking sticks and sharpen those using tools like knives. 

Hand Axe

Hand axe was made with from stone flakes when a stone is hit by other stone. An axe is chosen to be a stone whose one side was flat and sharpened while the other side is rounded and suited for holding in hand. The sharper side was used for striking roots, stems of trees and hitting the animals that attacked the people.


In the Stone Age, people used branches of trees to make nets. Branches that used to be elastic and could not be break easily were used for making the nets. They tightened the elastic branches like ropes and made web-like structures from the branches so that the captured animals can’t escape the net while water and air flow across the net easily.


Spear is an advanced version of the sharpened stick. An arrowhead is attached with the stick/rod. The arrowhead is pointed and hardened with fire or could be made of other hard material. This caused easy penetration into the body of target when the spear hit the target.

Bow And Arrows

Bows were made by using a plank made of wood, and then use an elastic string held in tension. The arrows are placed in the string. The arrow is directed to the target and the string is released so the arrow hits the target. The arrow were made of wood sticks. Head of the arrow can vary in terms of shape and material. It can be flat, sharp, pointed, and the material could be wood, stone, bone depending upon the purpose and type of the target. If the purpose is to hit an animal like bird without damaging the skin then a flat arrow would be used. It can be pointed and sharp if the purpose is that the arrow should penetrate in the body of the target then a pointed and sharp arrow would be used because a flat arrow cannot kill a big animal like dog.


Harpoon were made by getting a long rod made of wood and sharpening the end of the rod. Another material can also be attached to the head of the rod for better results. A rope could be attached so that the prey could be drew back if the harpoon is thrown upon the target.


Scrapper were made as a result of flakes produced when a stone strikes another stone. 

Pictures of Stone Age tools

12. Stone Age Tools For Kids – How To Make Stone Age Tools For Kids

Arrows And Bow

A bow can be made by taking an elastic curved wood plank, and a string. The string should be tied to the end of the wood plank. Arrow can be made by getting a sharpened wood stick. Another material can be used in place of wood as well that doesn’t hurt kids. Kids can have small bows and small arrows made of plastic or other material that doesn’t hurt if a living organism is hit. A target can be set, and the kid will hit the target using bow and arrows. This will be fun for the kids.x


Hammerstone is very easy to find. Any stone that have a tough end and can be held in hand can be hammerstone. For kids, the stone can be made of plastic or other material that doesn’t hurt if it hits fingers or hand of the kid by mistake.


Spear is a stick which have pointed head. The head can be made of another material. So designing spear can be easy for kids. It can be made of any material. Plastic or paper can be used for the designing. Take a stick and attach an arrowhead made of other wood or plastic material to the head of the stick. For kids, it is suggested to use soft plastic instead of wood so that they don’t hurt themselves and others. The stick can be made from a soft plastic or paper. Then make arrowhead from another plastic or paper. There should be a hole comparable to the stick. Then place the arrowhead on the stick. This is a small spear that can be used by kids. Kids can throw the spears on trees, soil and other targets.


Net was used to capture certain animals whether they are fish or terrestrial animals. Kids can make net by getting ropes or wires. These ropes/wires should be combined together so that air/water can flow through it. Kids can use the net in some water pond, river or pot to capture objects placed in the water. They can capture certain other objects like chocolates, toffees so that they get a feel of how hunting felt in the Stone Age.


Harpoon is similar to spear but it has more length than a spear. It has a rod with an arrow head at the end. It is used for hunting big aquatic life like whales. For kids, some objects or toys can be placed in water. Kids can use spear to hit the objects placed in water. The water can be river water or it can be water in some pot.  For kids, a harpoon can be made either by using wood, or other materials that don’t hurt kids if hit mistakenly. A plastic harpoon can be made by taking a plastic rod or straw and make an arrowhead from paper or plastic and attach it to the rod/straw. A rope can be attached with the rod and so the harpoon can be dragged back after hitting the target.

Sharpened Sticks

Sharpened sticks were used by Stone Age people for defense, and attacking purposes. It can be made very easily just by sharpening a stick. Kids can use the sticks to hit soil. The sticks should be made of plastic or other soft material if kids have to use the sticks indoor. Take a stick and sharp its one end with knife or blade. You’ve made the simple sharpened stick. Another material can also be used instead of wood so that it doesn’t hurt kids.

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