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The famous theory of the Evolution of Humans from apes was first put forward by Charles Darwin. This theory of evolution by Charles Darwin is an important topic for the students of science. We have gathered complete Charles Darwin Facts For Kids that will help you in learning All About Charles Darwin For Kids. This is the best Charles Darwin biography for kids in which they are going to learn about who he is, his full name, why he is famous, his legacy, birth, early life, education, religion, height, fields of study, occupation, career, discoveries, accomplishments, achievements, work, contribution to science, books, theory of evolution, awards, voyage, theory of natural selection, personal life, family, death and many other interesting and fun facts about Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin Facts For Kids

1. Who Is Charles Darlin – Charles Darwin Introduction

  • Charles Darwin (1809-1882) was a naturalist who first theorized that different species of life have the same ancestor, evolving. This theory of evolution is now the basis of biological sciences.
  • Charles Darwin was a also prominent English biologist. He was born in 1809 and died in 1882.
  • His theory on evolution is today an important concept on which further scientific facts and discoveries are based.

Charles Darwin Facts For Kids

2. Charles Darwin Full Name

  • The full name of Charles Darwin is Charles Robert Darwin.

3. What Is Charles Darwin Known For

  • Charles Darwin is best known for his great contribution to science; the theory of evolution.
  • This widely accepted theory is now the foundation of the science of life.

4. What Is Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution

  • Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is also known as Darwinism.
  • It states that all species can change some of their features to adapt to their surroundings, causing them to evolve into completely different organisms.
  • This concept was published in Darwin’s 1859 book On The Origin Of Species, after which it was accepted by scientists.
Charles Darwin Theory Of Evolution
Theory Of Evolution

5. What Was Charles Darwin’s Legacy

  • Charles Darwin’s contribution to science can be determined by the fact that his book On The Origin of Species is the most important scientific book of all time.
  • Darwin spent his life in a society where the common belief was that all species have been created by God.
  • By studying fossils and wildlife from different places, he was the first one to discover that living organisms can change into different species over time.
  • This theory was a breakthrough in the world of science, and it is now the foundation on which many other concepts are based. 

6. When Was Charles Darwin Born  – Charles Darwin’s Birthday

  • Charles Darwin’s date of birth is February 12, 1809.

7. Where Was Charles Darwin Born  – Charles Darwin Birthplace

  • He was born in The Mount House, Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

8. Where Is Charles Darwin From – Charles Darwin Hometown

  • His hometown was Shrewsbury, United Kingdom.

9. What Nationality Was Charles Darwin – Charles Darwin Nationality

  • Charles Darwin was born in the United Kingdom, making his nationality British.

10. Charles Darwin As A Child – Charles Darwin Childhood Facts

  • Darwin belonged to a well-off family, his father being a successful physician.
  • He had four older siblings and had a normal childhood until his mother passed away when he was eight years old.
  • It is said that his mother’s death left his father depressed, and Darwin himself said that he soon remembered very little about his mother.
  • He was never fond of school, as he was first homeschooled by his sister and after a year at a day school, he went to a boarding school in Shrewsbury when he was nine. The school focused on the classics.
  • He greatly lacked interest in education but compensated for his average performance by carrying out experiments with his older brother, Erasmus.
  • Charles Darwin recalled that those experiments sparked his interest in scientific knowledge.
  • As Darwin grew up, he gained an interest in hunting and collecting as well.
  • When he was sixteen years old, he went to the University of Edinburgh, the institution from which both his father and grandfather had qualified to become doctors.

11. How Tall Was Charles Darwin – Charles Darwin Height

  • He was six feet tall.

Charles Darwin Facts

12. What Religion Was Charles Darwin – Darwin Religion

  • Charles Darwin was born and raised Christian.
  • However, his later theory on evolution was against the teachings of Christianity, so he gave up his religion when he was forty years old.

13. Charles Darwin Education

What Did Charles Darwin Study – Charles Darwin Studies

  • After his basic school education, he attended the University of Edinburgh, hoping to become a physician.
  • He began studying medicine, but then stopped, thinking that surgery was not the right career path for him.
  • Instead, he began studying Theology at Cambridge University to become a clergyman and got his degree in 1831.

What School Did Charles Darwin Attend – When Did Charles Darwin Go To School

  • He was taught by his elder sister, Caroline until he turned eight years old.
  • He later attended a day school in his hometown for a year.
  • At nine years of age, he was sent to a boarding school called Shrewsbury School. The main subject taught there were classics, in which Darwin was not interested.

What Did Charles Darwin Study In School

  • The boarding school was mainly centered on classical subjects, which Darwin greatly lacked interest in.
Charles Darwin School - Shrewsbury School
Charles Darwin School – Shrewsbury School

Where Did Charles Darwin Go To University  – What Did Charles Darwin Study At University

  • Darwin was sixteen years old when he started attending the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.
  • This was the same university where Darwin’s father and grandfather had both studied to become physicians.
  • He tried studying Medicine but then gave up on the idea of becoming a surgeon.
  • He went to Cambridge University instead and got a degree in Theology in 1831.

Why Did Darwin Leave Medical School

  • Darwin had come to the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, at age sixteen upon deciding to have a career as a surgeon.
  • He started studying Medicine but then realized he could not become a surgeon, as he could not even bear to watch a patient being operated on.

14. What Was Charles Darwin Like At School – Charles Darwin School Life

  • Darwin reflected on his days at Shrewsbury School, saying, “Nothing could have been worse for the development of my mind”.
  • He said that he found the classics a useless subject, and the studies were mainly focused on memorization.
  • His outcomes at school were so poor that his father once said to him, “You care for nothing but shooting, dogs, and rat-chasing and you will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family”.
  • One of the pupils at the school had a copy of a book titled Wonders of The World, and reading it made him develop a desire for traveling to faraway lands.
  • Towards the end of his years at school, he became interested in the experiments that his brother used to conduct in the toolshed at the back of his house.
  • Darwin claimed that these experiments were the best part of his education, as they led him to science.
  • However, his school was so strict that his headmaster once scolded him for “wasting time on such useless subjects”.

15. Where Did Charles Darwin Study Evolution

  • Darwin’s travels to remote areas contributed greatly to his theory of evolution.
  • He studied evolution by observing different samples of plant and animal species in the Pacific Islands, the Galapagos Archipelago, and South America.
darwin timeline
Darwin Timeline

16. Charles Darwin Field Of Study

  • Darwin’s main two fields were geology and natural history.

17. How Did Charles Darwin Become A Scientist

  • Darwin’s aim in life was to be a clergyman.
  • But he had always been interested in collecting objects and traveling, and he was first intrigued when he studied fossils in the Pacific Islands and the Galapagos Archipelago.
  • He had never intended to be a scientist, but he ended up becoming one because he discovered that one type of animal can evolve into different species as it adapts to its environment.

18. Why Did Charles Darwin Become A Scientist

  • Darwin’s family, including his grandparents, were involved in science to some extent.
  • The reason why he gave up on surgery was that it was extremely hard for him to even watch an operation being performed, let alone operate on a patient.
  • He studied at the University of Cambridge to become a cleric instead.
  • He thought his job in the clergy would leave him with plenty of time for shooting, hunting, and collecting; the things he liked to do.
  • He went on a voyage to the islands of the Pacific Ocean later in life, and as he studied fossils there, he discovered that most of them were similar to those of other animals, with slight differences.
  • Those differences made sense because these creatures were adapted to the environment they lived in.
  • This led to his discovery that one type of animal can evolve into different species.
  • Therefore, he did not intend to become a scientist, but he was so fascinated by the things he saw that he studied them and developed his theory of evolution.

19. What Kind Of Scientist Was Charles Darwin

  • Darwin was a naturalist.

20. Charles Darwin Occupation – Charles Darwin Profession

  • He was a naturalist, a biologist, a geologist, and a writer

21. Where Did Charles Darwin Work  – Where Did Charles Darwin Do His Research

  • Charles Darwin did most of his scientific research in the Pacific Islands and the Galapagos Archipelago and South America, which lasted five years.
  • In these areas, he studied fossils and different species of animals and plants.
  • He built upon those ideas for a long time, then finally published his analysis in his book On The Origin Of Species, which he wrote back at his home in the United Kingdom.

22. Who Did Charles Darwin Work With

  • Charles Darwin formulated his theory on evolution with help from the British biologist Alfred Russel Wallace.

24. The Work Of Charles Darwin  – Charles Darwin Work

  • The work of Darwin known best is his book On The Origin Of Species.
  • Published in 1859, this book contained all of his discoveries that helped him come up with the theory of evolution.
  • To this day, it is accepted as the most important scientific book in history.

25. Charles Darwin First Book

  • The first book Charles Darwin wrote was The Voyage of The Beagle.

26. Charles Darwin And Evolution

  • Darwin is claimed to have revolutionized the world of science by formulating a theory that now forms the basis of biology.
  • After plenty of research, he concluded that one type of animal can evolve into different species, change over time, and have a common predecessor.

27. What Did Charles Darwin Discover  – Charles Darwin Discoveries

  • Charles Darwin studied animals for a long time and put forward the idea that over time, one creature can develop into something different, based on its habitat.
  • He found out that many different species in the world have the same origin, and that all forms of life change over time.
  • He also found out that when the environment of an animal changes, only the creatures strong enough to modify themselves for survival will stay alive, while the weak creatures who cannot do so will die.
  • In this way, the population of that species does not increase too much.
  • Moreover, he discovered the natural balance called “survival of the fittest”, due to which weak organisms die and the ones strong enough to adapt to their surroundings survive, thus evolving.
  • He believed that this balance is the reason why the population of that species stays in check.

28. What Did Charles Darwin Accomplish  – Charles Darwin Accomplishments – Charles Darwin Major Contributions

  • Darwin’s biggest contribution to the scientific world was his book On The Origin Of Species, which contained all of his ideas on the phenomenon of natural selection.
  • His biggest accomplishment was his theory on natural selection, which he published in his 1859 book On The Origin Of Species.
  • This theory completely changed the way science, especially biology, is viewed today.
  • He also discovered a lot about the evolution of plants, which he published in his 1862 book Fertilisation of Orchids

29. What Did Charles Darwin Achieve – Charles Darwin Achievements

  • For his important contributions to the way science is seen today, Charles Darwin won three awards.
  • These awards were the Copley Medal in 1864, the Wollaston Award in 1859, and the Royal Medal in 1853.

30. What Is The Contribution Of Charles Darwin  – Charles Darwin Contribution

  • Darwin’s contribution to science can be determined from the fact that he wrote On The Origin Of Species, the most important scientific book ever to be written.
  • His idea of natural selection completely changed the way scientists viewed nature.
  • His theory challenged the common belief of the people in his time, that God has created all forms of life.
  • No one had ever accepted anything contradictory to the statement of creation, as it was considered the most basic concept in science. Darwin shocked everyone by explaining this very foundation.

31. Charles Darwin Experiments

  • Some of the experiments he carried out to develop his theory involved breeding pigeons for offspring with different features and studying barnacles, fossils, and earthworms.
  • He also studied plants to find out how seeds disperse.

32. Charles Darwin Fossils

  • Darwin’s research included studying fossils.
  • He examined the remains of an extinct horse, four different species of giant ground sloth, and a gomphothere.
  • These fossils helped spark up ideas in him that eventually led to his discovery of natural selection.

33. Charles Darwin Naturalist

  • Charles Darwin was a naturalist by profession.
  • He was the scientist who solved the mystery of evolution through natural selection, which forever changed the lines on which scientists.

34. Was Charles Darwin A Biologist – Charles Darwin Contribution To Biology

  • Darwin originally intended to study different phenomena in nature, making him a naturalist.
  • But due to his theories regarding the origin evolution of animal species, he can also be considered a biologist.
  • Most of the concepts in biology today have been derived from Darwin’s most important discovery; evolution through natural selection.
  • Therefore, his contribution to biology is what made scientists start to view science as they do today.

35. What Organisms Did Darwin Study

  • Along with carrying out experiments with pigeons, barnacles, and earthworms, Darwin also studied a few organisms simply by observing them.
  • When he was at the Galapagos Islands, he was stricken by the fact that finches were different on each island.
  • These finches did not have the same beaks, and the beaks of each group of finches were shaped according to the seeds found on that particular island.

36. Charles Darwin Medicine

  • There is a branch of medicine associated with solving health problems by applying the rules of evolution.
  • Because Darwin is the most prominent scientist in the study of evolution, this branch of medicine is called ‘Darwinian Medicine’.
  • Scientists from this field of study use Darwin’s principles to understand antibiotic resistance and population genetics.

37. What Did Charles Darwin Contribute To Evolution – Charles Darwin Evolution Facts

  • Evolution is a topic that previous scientists like Lamarck, Carl Linnaeus, and even Darwin’s grandfather had been intrigued by.
  • However, they had only hinted at it, while Darwin took it to another level.
  • Darwin took the general idea from scientists who had previously thought about it and developed it to the extent that it became recognized as a fact.
  • This makes him the most important scientist involved in the process of discovering evolution.

38. How Did Charles Darwin Contribute To Science  – Charles Darwin Contribution To Science

  • Darwin is considered the greatest biologist in history, and his contribution to science is just as significant.
  • The concept of natural selection now forms the base of many other concepts in science, including genetics and inheritance.
  • What makes his theory even more important is that he completely changed the world of science upside down. Everyone used to think that all forms of life were created by God, but Darwin’s discovery challenged this very basic belief.

39. What Animals Did Charles Darwin Discover

  • At the Galapagos Islands, Darwin was surprised by how different the finches were on each island, and that the beak of each type of finch was shaped according to the seeds found on the island.
  • Seeing this made him wonder if the surroundings are what make the animal change some of its features to survive.

List Of Animals Charles Darwin Discovered

  • The animals which Darwin observed were:
    • Finches
    • Fur seals
    • Rays
    • Sharks
    • Sea lions
    • Iguanas
    • Giant tortoises

40. What Did Charles Darwin Invent  – Charles Darwin Inventions

  • Darwin was not an inventor.
  • He may have contributed the most to the science of evolution, but he did not invent anything.

41. What Inspired Charles Darwin – Charles Darwin Inspiration

  • Some of the people who inspired Charles Darwin were:
    • Jean Baptiste Lamarck: A zoologist and botanist who first perceived the idea that humans might have descended from another species through adaptations over time.
    • Charles Lyell: A geologist who explained that the processes that were taking place at the beginning of life were the same processes taking place in the world now. This helped Darwin develop his views on the origin of life.
    • Alfred Russel Wallace: A coworker of Darwin who formulated the theory of natural selection on his own, combined his ideas with those of Darwin.
    • Thomas Malthus: An economist who believed that if the human population grows bigger than the available resources, some people would die, bringing the population down. This helped Darwin come up with the idea of “survival of the fittest”.
    • Erasmus Darwin: Charles Darwin’s grandfather, shared with Charles himself his ideas about how species can change over time.
    • Comte de Buffon: A mathematician who had suggested that all the different types of wildlife are related to each other in one way or another, and they changed because of their environments.

42. What Theory Did Charles Darwin Propose – Darwin Theories

  • Darwin’s main theory was that of natural selection, which states that only some individuals from one species can be strong enough to adapt to the conditions of their environment to survive.
  • The rest of them who are not strong enough will eventually die out, changing the future generations as well as keeping the population of that species in check.

43. Darwin Theory Of Evolution Date

  • Darwin shared his theory with the world through his book On The Origin Of Species, which he published on November 24, 1859.

44. How Did Darwin Develop His Theory Of Evolution

  • Darwin had taken inspiration from previous thinkers like Lamarck, Malthus, and his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin.
  • He did research on these ideas during his five-year voyage around the world with a group of scientists, developing his theory.
  • When he discovered more about the process of natural selection, he concluded that evolution takes place through this process.

45. Charles Darwin Theory Of Evolution Summary

  • Not all individuals of a species can adapt to the changes in their environment, which is essential for survival.
  • Only the strong ones can change their physical characteristics and live long enough to produce offspring, while the weak ones die.
  • The offspring come from strong individuals, so they pass on those adaptations to their offspring, and so the cycle continues.
  • The offspring of the weak still cannot survive, so they gradually die out.
  • In this way, the entire generation has changed because it now has physical features that are different from those of its ancestors.
  • It can be said that the species has evolved, and the process of only the strong individuals surviving is called ‘natural selection.

46. Charles Darwin Theory Of Human Evolution – Human Evolution By Charles Darwin

  • Charles Darwin published his thoughts on the evolution of humans in his 1871 book The Descent of Man.
  • He believed that humans have also descended from a long line of species that kept on evolving over the years.
  • Fish and lizards were included in this ancestry, and our closest ancestors are apes.

47. Charles Darwin Theory Of Natural Selection

  • Natural selection is sometimes also called ‘survival of the fittest.
  • According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, only the strong creatures from a specific species can adapt to changes in their environment.
  • These strong creatures live on due to their distinct features, and when they reproduce, these characteristics are passed on to their offspring.
  • The weak creatures eventually die out because they do not have those characteristics.
  • Therefore, only the offspring of the strong creatures who have inherited those traits are remaining, and they are completely different from their ancestors.
  • At this stage, it can be said that the species has evolved.

48. Did Charles Darwin Win Any Awards – What Awards Did Charles Darwin Receive

Darwin won the Copley Medal in 1864, the Royal Medal in 1853, and the Wollaston Medal in 1859.

49. Did Charles Darwin Write A Book – How Many Books Did Charles Darwin Write

  • Charles Darwin wrote and published the following 10 books:
    • On The Origin Of Species (1859)
    • Fertilization of Orchids (1862)
    • The Descent of Man (1871)
    • The Voyage of The Beagle (1839)
    • Expression Of The Emotions in Man and Animals (1872)
    • The Autobiography of Charles Darwin (1887)
    • The Formation of Vegetable Mould (1881)
    • The Variation of Animals and Plants in Domestication (1868)
    • Insectivorous Plants (1875)
    • The Power of Movement in Plants (1880)

50. Where Did Charles Darwin Travel  – Charles Darwin Voyage

  • In 1831, Darwin was invited to join the HMS Beagle, a ship that will tour around the world with a group of naturalists to do research.
  • He traveled on that ship and went to the coast of South America, including its islands.

51. Why Did Charles Darwin Go On His Voyage

  • Darwin was only 22 years old when he was invited to the HMS Beagle as one of the naturalists on board.

52. What Countries Did Charles Darwin Visit

  • Most of Darwin’s five years on the HMS Beagle were spent in South America, but he did not mention the names of the countries he went to in his account of the voyage.

53. Charles Darwin Hobbies

  • Collecting had always been one of Darwin’s hobbies. As a child, he would collect rocks, pebbles, and even dead beetles.
  • He also liked going on long walks and hikes alone.
  • In his teenage years, he even developed a passion for hunting and shooting.

54. Charles Darwin Private Life – Charles Darwin Personal Life

  • Darwin had always been a quiet person who would keep things to himself.
  • He had a passion for hunting, shooting, and collecting objects, and he decided to become a clergyman because he thought it would give him plenty of time to do these activities.
  • In 1839, he married his cousin, Emma Wedgewood. Emma was an educated lady who was also present on board the HMS Beagle.
  • He had ten kids and was known to be a very affectionate father, which shows through the fact that he built a slide on the main staircase of his house for his children.
  • Even his most important works which permanently changed the world of science were covered with doodles by his children.
  • As a result, the death of three of his children from disease left a disturbing and long-lasting effect on him.
  • After discovering the theory of evolution, he used to spend a lot of time trying to debunk it.
  • Being a religious man, he was not ready to accept it, and he carefully studied it according to chemistry, physics, and geography, trying to prove it wrong.

55. Charles Darwin History By Year – Charles Darwin Timeline

  • 1809: Darwin is born.
  • 1817: His mother passes away.
  • 1818: He enrolls in the Shrewsbury School.
  • 1825: He leaves the school and goes to the University of Edinburgh.
  • 1827: He drops medical school without completing his degree.
  • 1828: He enters the University of Cambridge.
  • 1831: He joins the HMS Beagle.
  • 1838: Darwin is elected to the Athenaeum.
  • 1839: He is selected to the Royal Society.
  • 1839: Marriage to his first cousin, Emma Wedgewood.
  • 1840: Election to the Council of the Royal Geographical Society.
  • 1841: Publication of Structure and Distribution of Coral Reefs.
  • 1842: He sketches the theory of evolution.
  • 1846: He completes writing his last book about his voyage on the Beagle.
  • 1851: His eldest daughter, Anne dies.
  • 1853: He is awarded the Royal Medal of the Royal Society for his work on barnacles.
  • 1855: He conducts experiments on the dispersion of seeds.
  • 1859: He publishes his book On The Origin Of Species.
  • 1864: He wins the Copley Medal by the Royal Society.
  • 1868: His book The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication gets published too.
  • 1871: The Descent of Man also gets published.
  • 1871: He publishes the sixth and last edited version of On The Origin Of Species.
  • 1877: He gets an honorary doctorate of law from Cambridge.
  • 1882: Darwin dies due to a heart attack, followed by many seizures.
darwin timeline
Darwin Timeline (image source: http://archive.darwinday.org/learn-more/about-darwins-life/)

56. The Life Of Charles Darwin  – Charles Darwin Life Story

  • Some of the books on the life of Charles Darwin are:
    • Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker by A.N. Wilson.
    • Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist by Adrian Desmond and James Moore.
    • Who Was Charles Darwin? By Deborah Hopkinson.

57. Charles Darwin Family

Charles Darwin Family Background – Darwin Background

  • Darwin was born into a wealthy household.
  • His father and grandfather were both physicians.
  • His grandfather Erasmus, in particular, was very influential for Darwin. He was the one who told Darwin that species change over time.

Who Were Charles Darwin Parents – Charles Darwin Parents Names

  • Darwin’s father’s name was Robert Darwin.
  • His mother’s name was Susannah Darwin.

Did Charles Darwin Have Any Siblings – Charles Darwin Brothers And Sisters

  • Darwin had five siblings:
    • Erasmus Alvey Darwin (brother)
    • Emily Catherine Darwin (sister)
    • Caroline Sarah Darwin Wedgwood (sister)
    • Marianne Darwin Parker (sister)
    • Susan Elizabeth Darwin (sister)

When Did Charles Darwin Get Married

  • Darwin got married on the 29th of January, 1839.

Who Was Charles Darwin Married To  -Charles Darwin Wife

  • He married his first cousin, Emma Wedgwood.

How Many Children Did Charles Darwin Have – Charles Darwin Children

  • Darwin had ten children.

Charles Darwin Grandfather

  • His paternal grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, was a prosperous doctor.
  • However, he had a heavy influence on his grandson.
  • Erasmus Darwin was the one who told Charles in his childhood that species change over time.

58. Charles Darwin Family Life

  • He was born into a family which never left him deprived of anything, but his mother died when he was eight years old.
  • He was raised under the care of his older sisters since then.
  • He lived away from his family during his college life and the voyage on the HMS Beagle.
  • He married Emma Wedgwood in 1839, and they had ten children which Darwin loved dearly.
  • He was very closely attached to them, so he suffered great emotional pain when three of them died due to illnesses.

59. Charles Darwin Family Tree

charles darwin family tree
Charles Darwin Family Tree

60. Charles Darwin Descendants

  • Darwin’s descendants include:
    • Francis Darwin (son)
    • Anne Darwin (daughter)
    • George Darwin (son)
    • Leonard Darwin (son)
    • William Erasmus Darwin (son)
    • Henrietta Litchfield (daughter)
    • Horace Darwin (son)
    • Charles Waring Darwin (son)
    • Mary Eleanor Darwin (daughter)
    • Elizabeth Darwin (daughter)
    • Frances Cornford (granddaughter)
    • Bernard Darwin (grandson)
    • Charles Galton Darwin (grandson)
    • Gwen Raverat (granddaughter)
    • Nora Barlow (granddaughter)

61. Charles Darwin Death

When Did Charles Darwin Die  – Charles Darwin Date Of Death

  • Darwin died on the 19th of April, 1882.

What Did Charles Darwin Die From

  • He died from heart failure.

Where Did Charles Darwin Die

  • He died in Down House, Downe, the United Kingdom.
Charles Darwin Death
Charles Darwin Death

62. How Old Was Darwin When He Died – What Age Did Charles Darwin Die

  • He was 73 years old when he died.

Where Is Charles Darwin Buried

  • He is buried in the Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom.

63. How Old Is Charles Darwin Today – How Old Is Darlin

  • Charles Darwin would be 210 years old today.

64. Charles Darwin Favorite Food

  • It is not known what food he liked the most, but he had a lot of diversity in what he ate.
  • But on his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle, he ate iguana, armadillo, and even puma.

65. The Autobiography Of Charles Darwin  – Charles Darwin Autobiography

  • Charles Darwin wrote his autobiography which he completed in his lifetime but was published five years after his death.
  • It is titled The Autobiography of Charles Darwin.

66. Charles Darwin Biography For Kids – Darwin Biography Book

  • A book on Darwin’s biography for children is Darwin and Evolution For Kids: His Life And Ideas by Kristan Lauren.

68. Charles Darwin Fun Facts For Kids – Fun Facts About Darwin

  • Darwin, being a clergyman, was aware of the negative effect that this theory would have on the religious community.
  • Even though he wished to become a surgeon, he immediately gave up on the idea after he watched a few operations that haunted him for years after.
  • His autobiography reveals that he had been suffering from an unknown illness throughout his adult life, which he did not know about.
  • He loved to play the game backgammon with his wife and often showed off that he had won more games than she had.
  • He enjoyed eating many exotic animals – armadillos, iguanas, and even pumas – but he did not like owls.
  • Just like Darwin had predicted, the theory of evolution received an outraged reaction from the Church of England. However, the Church apologized 125 years after his death, saying, “Good religion needs to work constructively with good science.

69. Charles Darwin Weird Facts

  • During his voyage, Darwin developed a weird interest in exploring different animals by eating them. Some of these were iguanas, armadillos and pumas.
  • When Darwin was 12 years old, he revealed in a letter that he only washed his feet once a month.
  • Before the voyage on the HMS Beagle, his father thought him to be a failure. Charles was never a good student and he also dropped out of medical school, making his father think that he would be a disgrace to the family.
  • Even though he formulated the most important scientific theory in biology on a voyage, he was seasick and spent most of his time on land.

70. Interesting Facts About Darwin

  • Darwin presented his theory of evolution in the form of a book over 20 years after he came up with it, afraid that it would spark controversy amongst religious groups.
  • It is true that after discovering evolution Darwin was no more the devout cleric he used to be, but was not atheist either. He called himself agnostic.
  • For most of his life as an adult, he suffered from various chronic diseases he was not aware of, and it is thought that they were caused by stress.

71. Charles Darwin Quotes On Evolution 

Some of the things Darwin said about evolution were:

  • It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

  • One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.

  • Evolution is written on the wings of butterflies.

  • Some call it evolution, and others call it God.

  • A grain in the balance will determine which individual shall live and which shall die, which variety of species shall increase in number, which shall decrease, or finally become extinct.

72. Charles Darwin Website

73. How Did Charles Darwin Change The World

  • It is a widely accepted fact that Charles Darwin turned the world of science, biology, in particular, upside down.
  • Scientists in his time believed that God has created all species, and all other concepts and discoveries were based on that.
  • Darwin proved this very foundation wrong, shocking everyone by revealing that even their most basic belief might be incorrect.
  • He is renowned as an amazing thinker because he dared to go against the very lines which everyone thought on.


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